Who we are.

Who we are

Broadcast Production, Programming, Graphics

Since our first commercial for the movie Hocus Pocus we’ve worked on thousands of campaigns producing scripts, spots, promos and programmes. We’ve written scripts for Harry Enfield, produced a radio version of Shooting Stars with Vick Reeves and Bob Mortimer, set up a studio in 10 Downing Street and helped the Prime Minister with his first podcast, made the UK’s first movie mobile site, won two Guinness World Records, designed and coded IOS Apps.

In our spare time we're returning an old cinema to it's former glory. Run as a social enterprise, our ambition is to create one of the world's funkiest boutique cinemas

We made them happy

Our faithful Clients

From our early days with the BBC, to Fox, Warners, Discovery and more recently Sky and ...other large multinationals we just can't mention - our clients have included major broadcasters and all of the big film distributors in the UK

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